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Annotea Ubimarks: Some findings and comments

1 Templates and Seq

At the beginning I used xul templates for connecting tree etc. widgets and RDF data sources. It was pretty easy but unfortunately you can only use templates if you have a Seq element in the data source and our bookmark schema does not have one. I did add it to bookmark files temporarily to try it out but then decided to stick with what we have and not use templates.

2 Collections

The new bookmark schema can use collections for organizing the bookmarks and topics. Mozilla does not support collections yet but it does not prevent reading bookmark files that include them. without collection information the order of the bookmarks and topics is not preserved.

3 Supported MIME types

It is possible to use a local file:// or a http:// URI for defining the default RDF datasource. However, if a http:// URI is used Mozilla can only read the following MIME types "text/xml", "application/xml", and "text/rdf". Unfortunately, it cannot read the right MIME type "application/rdf+xml". Also it can only modify local datasources right now.


I'm currently working on using the Annotea bookmarks server. Mozilla offers XMLHttpRequest interface, that handles GET and POST according to documentation, but Matthew has also written PUT functionality for Annozilla so the documentation must be wrong. It would be nice to have all the libwww HTTP functionality available as an XPCOM package.

Version 0.3 has HTTP PUT and FTP working to create or update http: and ftp: bookmark files less some Mozilla bugs that happen once in a while. Seems like RDF Refresh does not always work perfectly with the file upload (nsIUploadChannel). Most often the file gets uploaded to server but windows are not updated as Refresh had problems or with FTP it forgets the passwd.

5 Differences between Mozilla and Firefox

There are some differences. The installation in Firefox uses install.rdf. However, the install.js seems to still work also.

Firefox uses chrome://browser/content/browser.xul while Mozilla uses chrome://navigator/content/navigator.xul for the navigation window.

Firefox does not have grippy even in splitters and also there are some other differences in the toolbars.

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